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How BSIGN Manufacturing Works During the War

From the moment Ukrainian resistance to a full-scale invasion began, some of our clients began to wonder if it was safe to cooperate with us. 

We fully understand your concern and caution, so today we will tell you about the realities of our sign manufacturing. 

The first thing to note: more than 80% of Ukraine is already free from occupation and military operations. BSIGN manufacturing is located in Kyiv. Life in Kyiv continues, business works, and there are traffic jams on the road, as it was before. 

The government encourages businesses to continue to work even more and better than in pre-war times. Therefore, our team is actively working and supporting the economy. Our production is safe and we do our job in full.

BSIGN Sign Manufacturing Strategy for the War Period

All our partners and suppliers are safe and work actively. Therefore, the supply of raw materials is under full control.

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Now we procured a supply of materials for the year ahead and we continue to replenish our warehouse with raw materials. This allowed us to:

  • support our suppliers financially;
  • do without raising prices for customers;
  • ensure timely execution of orders for sign and plaques manufacturing.

We also stay in touch with the team at all times. Even in the first days of the invasion, we understood who had to leave the country and who would not be able to continue working. So, they started hiring people and about 30% of our team now – new employees who surprisingly quickly mastered the principles of work and they show cool results

interior signs Production

 As for logistics, it fully works as usual. There are currently several transport companies in Ukraine, including international ones. We use the services of such companies:

  • FedExAmerican multinational logistics company; 
  • DHLGerman international express delivery company for cargo and documents;
  • Ukrposhtanational postal service operator of Ukraine.

This way, the order will come to you on time and unharmed.


Since the beginning of this year, we have already completed and sent 2430 orders to such countries: 

  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Australia;
  • Netherlands;
  • Philippines;
  • India;
  • and others

If the dynamics of the number of orders continues or improves, then in 2022 production volumes will be significantly higher than in 2021.

How BSIGN Manufacturing Works During the War Production 

So, in the realities that prevail in Ukraine, BSIGN company is in quite favorable conditions. And you, as always, can order from us:

In addition, signs to order can be customized by adding to it:

  • your logo;
  • tactile Braille (ADA);
  • QR code;
  • any image;
  • any geometric figure.

Go to our website and order stylish signs and door numbers, which will be a good addition to the interior and will emphasize the status of your institution or office.


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