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How to get attractive custom signs

Custom interior signs for many businesses serve as brand ambassadors, effectively conveying information to potential customers, and reinforcing identity. From drawing attention to the communicative function, individual signs play a crucial role in building brand recognition and advertising your products or services.

Do you want to learn how to increase your recognition and declare about your business with custom signs? In this article, we will determine the secrets of attractive and effective signs and share some tips on what to pay attention to when satisfying your custom signage needs.

Pay attention to the style of the interior and choose the appropriate custom signs

Even though the signs are a small detail in the interior, they can either spoil or significantly enhance the style of the room. That is why when buying signs, you need to take into account the existing style of business premises.

To maintain a holistic pleasant appearance, you need to choose custom signage not as an autonomous thing, but as one that will be part of the interior. Pick up signs as a set. All types of them should be in the same style: Сustom Door Signs, wayfinding signs, storefront signs, and other signage.

The appearance of a custom sign can convey not only specific messages to visitors, such as the direction of traffic, room numbers, etc. In addition, attractive signs can successfully emphasize branding, convey the emotions of the company and the positioning of the company.

At Bsign, we fully understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to the arrangement of business buildings, so we are constantly working on expanding the range. And at this time you can find 14+ designs of signs for your taste and needs in our store.

Choose the winning color schemes for the niche and the company

Color is one of the main components of the corporate identity of each enterprise. Without it, it would be much more difficult for companies to distinguish competitors in the market.

Therefore, businesses choose a brand color, for example, Coca Cola is red, and Pepsi is blue. Help your clients to memorize you, creating an associative series in their minds by all means.

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When choosing custom signs, give preference to those colors that successfully match the niche, positioning, or status of the company. The best option is to equip the business premises with signs in corporate colors.

Benefits of creating custom signs from quality materials for businesses

Like it or not, a book is judged by its cover. From the first glance of the target audience at your office, they form a first impression, which is often difficult to be changed later. Therefore, poorly designed signs are a bad idea.

Choose perfect signs made of high-quality materials to demonstrate a professional approach, the status of the company and create a pleasant atmosphere. Bsign offers only the best products made of wood, acrylic and metal. We produce signs manually, so we are responsible for the guaranteed quality.

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The size of the custom sign also plays a role

The sign, first of all, must convey an important message from the company to customers and employees. Therefore, the information from the sign should be read effortlessly. To improve the visibility of the sign, you should choose the optimal size.

Therefore, at Bsign, we make signs with a size of at least 15 cm and an average of up to 25 cm.

As an example, we provide you with dimensional grids of some of our items from the range:

  • 250x125 mm
  • 150x150 mm
  • 180x195 mm

At the same time, we understand that every business may have special needs. So you can order custom sign sizes at Bsign. To have it done, just ask for a free consultation.

Also, a good rule is to pay attention to fonts and graphics when choosing signs. The simple font of the sign must be well spaced. Bold fonts should be used for the headings of the sign. Letter height should be standardized and eye-catching. The font color should contrast to the background. Graphic images should be easy to perceive even from a distance.

Add the business logo to the custom signage

The top of customization of such interior elements as signs is the addition of the business name or its logo. This can be compared to branding a company's office or developing merch.

By ordering custom signs, you can reinforce your brand identity. And your attention to details will indicate that the company is a professional in its field. You can order signs with the logos at Bsign.

Signs with logos


Custom sign, in addition to its practical function, can also influence the design of your premises, can convey the corporate identity, be an element of branding, attract new customers and even increase sales. Therefore, it is important to take a serious approach to the choice of signs, pay attention to the quality, style and possibilities of customization.

All this in a complex you can easily get at Bsign Store. To complement the interior of the business with best signs, start with a free consultation.

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