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How to properly care for signs and numbers

Any item, even of the highest quality, needs proper care. Knowing the rules, you can extend the service life of a particular product and preserve its original appearance for a long time. Next, we will tell you how to take care of door signs and numbers made of different materials.

Usually, door signs and numbers are made from materials that are designed for operation both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, they are resistant to the sun, high and low temperatures and precipitation.

So, care will contribute to the fact that the products will have an elegant look, and their owners will confirm their reputation not only for connoisseurs of style, but also for connoisseurs of cleanliness and neatness.

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Taking care of signs with wooden elements

Such products are chosen by those who value environmental friendliness and durability in materials. Wood meets these requirements 100%, and it also looks really stylish and remains relevant for years.

Any wooden sign should never be washed in the dishwasher or you should not use hard abrasive agents, metal sponges, etc in the washing process.

Remove dust with a dry brush before washing directly. By the way, sometimes this is quite enough. After removing the dust, the sign can be wiped with a cloth soaked in antistatic agent.

Keep in mind that wood does not tolerate prolonged exposure to hot water, so you need to wash the signs quickly in moderately warm water. It is better to use soft washcloths or napkins and shampoo.

After cleaning the sign from dust and dirt, it should be thoroughly wiped with a dry cloth so that there is no moisture left on the product. If necessary, you can treat the product with an antistatic agent.

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Taking care of door signs made of steel

Stainless steel looks stylish, restrained, elegant and unobtrusive. Therefore, such door numbers or address signs for your home fit seamlessly into a wide variety of interiors and exteriors. 

The absolute advantage of steel plates is that they are not subject to corrosion. Therefore, they do not need complex care. Such a sign can be both external and internal.

It is necessary to periodically wipe the product from dust with a damp sponge or napkin. If the sign has Braille or other convex elements, you can clean them with a soft brush.

In the presence of dirt, you can use any detergent without hard abrasive and wipe thoroughly the door sign. After that, it is enough to wipe it with a dry cloth.

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Taking care of signs made of acrylic glass

This material is visually not much different from organic glass. But it is much lighter and more resistant to mechanical impact, so it is often used to make internal and external door signs.

Care for acrylic glass has some special features.

First, you should abandon materials that have a crumbling pile. It is better to give preference, for example, to felt, microfiber, flannel. They are soft, clean surfaces well and do not leave streaks. 

It is optimal when the material is new, that is, nothing has been washed with it yet. This is due to the fact that abrasive particles may remain on the fabric or napkin, which will damage the surface of the acrylic and it will eventually become matte, losing its shine.

To clean acrylic glass, you can use a soap solution or products that do not contain abrasive.

Important! In any case, do not wash desktop or office signs made of acrylic glass with a liquid that contains ammonia, alcohol, or a solvent. That is, glass cleaners are absolutely not suitable for the care of acrylic.

When there is heavy dirt on the sign, it is better to remove it with a special plastic knife.

If your product is combined, i.e., made of several materials, in taking care of door signs it is worth considering the specifics of caring for each of them. 

But usually there are no difficulties in exploitation and care, because we make door signs and numbers taking into account that they are as easy to care for as possible.

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