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Indication signs for event industry: everything you need to know about them

The event industry is also called the event and meeting industry. It covers a wide range of activities and services related to the planning, organization and conduct of diverse events. This industry is responsible for creating interesting and sometimes memorable experiences for individuals, groups, or organizations.

And the event industry is really important for various business areas, for example, entertainment, hotel, tourism, etc.

It may seem that the event industry is quite «young» but this is not entirely true, because even ancient civilizations organized events on the occasion of important occasions. Such as religious rites, coronations, fairs and festivals.

The event industry in the modern understanding appeared in the middle of the XX century. Since then, it has been rapidly expanding and improving due to the development of technology, changes in consumer behavior and globalization. 

The event industry now covers a very wide range of events:

  • corporate meetings, trainings, industry conferences;
  • exhibitions, fairs, festivals, concerts;
  • weddings, birthdays, anniversaries;
  • sports competitions and the like.

So, the event industry can be defined as a multi-faceted industry that encompasses the planning, organization, and management of a wide range of activities designed to bring people together for a variety of purposes. For example, business, entertainment, cultural, social, educational, and advertising. 

Events are the field that involves a range of professionals who collaborate with each other to create events while meeting specific goals, budgets, and deadlines.

information signs

Features of the event industry 

To understand the role of signs and numbers in this field, you should learn about its inherent features.

Variety of events

One of the defining characteristics of the event industry is a variety of it: from small closed meetings to large-scale international conferences and summits. Each event has its own unique purpose, audience, and requirements.


To be considered successful, the event must meet the specific goals and wishes of customers, organizers, and participants. This applies to both the theme and design of the event, as well as the choice of catering and entertainment program. 

The importance of planning and logistics

Event management specialists coordinate a variety of elements, such as venue selection, scheduling, visitor flow distribution, budgeting, transportation, and work with suppliers (food, flowers, printing, etc.).

Customer orientation

The event industry is inherently customer-oriented. Event planning and organization specialists work closely with clients to understand their goals and vision, as well as ensure that the event meets expectations.

information signs

Creativity and innovation

Creativity is the driving force behind the event industry. Organizers are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract participants and create an unforgettable experience for them.

In addition, software for registering, selling tickets, and analyzing data about events is used to organize events. This allows to increase the overall level of measures.

Sustainability, environmental friendliness

Trends such as hybrid and virtual events are becoming increasingly widespread in the event industry. More and more attention is paid to sustainability and environmental friendliness in various forms.

Importance of signs for the event industry

Usually, the venue is selected for the audience and theme of the event, so the requirements for it differ significantly depending on the event. But there is a general requirement for all event locations: visitors must be comfortable. Therefore, navigation signs and numbers are needed everywhere.

Considering peculiarities of the event industry, which were described above, signs have the following meaning.

  1. If various events are held in the location at the same time, then all visitors should easily find the building, so you need a sign with the house number. And perhaps even a set of those, especially if the building has several entrances and exits. By approaching or driving up from either side, the event participant will be able to understand that they have arrived in the right place.
  2. Considering trends towards individualization and personalization of events as well as the importance of customer orientation, one needs to understand that a meeting or training can be attended by both mothers with children and people who move in wheelchairs. In other words, you need to have signs that indicate where there is a room for parents, and where there is a ramp for wheelchairs and a toilet, adapted for people with special needs. 
  3. Also, signs help with planning and logistics after all, it is easier for a supplier who brought something to a location for the first time to navigate when they were given clear instructions. For example: bring bouquets of flowers to the room with the number 304 on the first floor, and put flower pots in the conference hall on the second floor. Of course, it is easier for a person to do this quickly when they see signs with floor and room numbers and signs showing exactly where a particular room is located.
  4. As for creativity and innovation, then the signs also matter here. Because now more and more attention is paid to details, accessories, and the like. That is, the presence of «‎raisins»‎ in the room is considered a good tone. For example, in the form of navigation signs, that attract attention with creative design. The use of modern materials is also welcomed: acrylic glass, steel, etc.
  5. It is worth noting that high-quality signs made of durable and eco-friendly materials, such as wood, steel, acrylic glass, do not harm the environment and do not have a negative impact on the health of visitors to the premises. In addition, they can be used for many years without the need for replacement. In other words, such products support the concepts of sustainability and environmental friendliness. 
information signs

Event facilities and the choice of sign designs for them

As we have already said, events can take place in different locations, each of which has its own unique charm and requirements.


Fashionable and especially cozy, lofts provide a great backdrop for small chamber meetings, as well as for large-scale trainings or conferences. Minimalistic signs and numbers can be organically combined with the aesthetics of the loft, providing guests with a sense of comfort and hospitality.

If we talk about products from our range, then for the loft style, the best designs are:

We also wrote a separate material about signs and numbers for loft-style rooms. It will help you make a choice.


They usually have everything you need for events, from conference centers to SPAs and restaurants. Hotels are versatile venues for events. 

Therefore, there are always signs for overnight guests, conference participants and restaurant visitors that make it easier for everyone to navigate.

And we have written a detailed article about «‎how to use signs for growth of KPI in the hospitality industry».‎‎

information signs

Exhibition complexes

These spacious and multi-functional spaces host grandiose events such as exhibitions and fairs. This usually requires comprehensive navigation solutions, including large banners, signposts and interactive elements. 

Outdoor areas

A beach wedding, anniversary, corporate event, or music festival, all of these outdoor activities require special safety and orientation signs. 

It is very important that the signs and numbers are resistant to weather conditions (sun, snow, rain, etc.) and retain their original appearance for a long time. 

Are you planning to order stylish signs for corporate events or numbers, but not sure which ones? Fill in the form and soon our manager will contact you and give you a free consultation about our possibilities in the embodiment of your wishes.

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