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How to use signs to improve the KPI of the hospitality industry

In our turbulent times the hospitality industry becomes particularly important. 

People work hard, so they should have a good rest during their leisure time. Establishments of the hospitality industry are designed to help people recover, gain new strength and inspiration.

Usually, when referring to restaurants, hotels and amusement parks, it is customary to talk about the comfort of customers of these establishments. 

In the premises, conditions are created so that the guest is comfortable, fun and cozy — everything, so that he will certainly come back again and again.

We wrote more about this in the article «The hospitality industry: how signs and numbers in hotels and restaurants create an atmosphere».

In this article, we will talk about KPI of the hospitality industry and how signs and numbers help keep them level. 

Definition of KPI

KPIs are numerical values that allow you to measure the degree of efficiency and effectiveness of any activity. If you decipher this abbreviation, then KPI means key performance indicators.

Thoughtful KPI system is not a burden or something extra. On the contrary, with it, employees and business owners can move in the same direction and better understand each other.

In order for everyone to work really efficiently, each of your employees needs to know what KPI is. And also understand which of them he should perform. You also need to explain what tools will help a person keep high performance in their work, and what should be abandoned.

For example, if among the KPI of a certain employee there is the number of completed orders, it is worth informing him that much depends on speed, ability to listen and record information.

This means that you should always keep a notebook or tablet at hand to correctly write down the guest's wishes. But it is better not to rely solely on your own memory.

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Staff work is one of the main indicators of the quality of a hospitality establishment

We often forget about the staff of establishments — those who create an atmosphere of hospitality with their own hands. 

In fact, for nothing. After all, the visitor's wish to stay at your hotel for the second time depends on how the reception administrator greets the guest. 

And the customer's impression of the restaurant will be spoiled if the chef does not prepare the ordered dish well or the waiter serves the guest for too long.

Quality of staff work in hospitality establishments depends on many factors.

But perhaps the most important factor in good KPI of the employee in the hospitality industry is the ability to perform your work efficiently and without excessive slowness. We have already touched on this issue above.

The speed of performing employee's duties directly depends on the ability to navigate well in the space of a hotel, restaurant or other institution. 

System of interior indication signs, installed in the employee's field of view, will help them quickly and easily find the necessary room or object. And this will also have a positive impact on KPI.

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How indication signs and numbers help the staff of the institution to navigate in space and affect the KPI and efficiency of the hotel business

Imagine the initial period of a person's work. For example, the first working day of a maid you just hired to work at a hotel. 

How among the many identical hotel doors will she find, for example, a room that needs to be cleaned first, because a guest should check in in 2 hours? 

How to quickly find a laundry room where you need to bring dirty laundry?

The problem, again, will be solved by a system of signs and numbers that are located on the doors or attached to the walls in the field of view of the maid.

In order to quickly serve a restaurant customer, the new waiter must find the kitchen area where he needs to transfer the order. 

And after dinner, remove the dirty dishes and leave them on a special table, from where they will be taken away for washing. 

Using indication signs located in the technical premises of the restaurant, even new employees will be able to quickly navigate the space and do what is necessary. 

And this, again, will have a good effect on key indicators of business work, KPI. And the employees themselves will feel calmer and more confident.

How to improve ESG standards of the establishment in the hospitality industry with the help of indication signs

A business that claims a good ESG rating must meet development standards in three categories: ecological, social, and general.

Ecological standards

For example, indication signs and numbers for hotel business from Bsign meet environmental standards:

  • do not harm the environment; 
  • safe for the health of guests and employees of the establishment; 
  • made of high-quality material — so they are durable, they do not need to be replaced often (we talked about why environmental friendliness is important in the field of advertising here).

Social standards

Signs and interior door numbers from Bsign provide support for social standards, after all, they:

  •  comply with ADA standards (we discussed this in more detail in the article);
  •  help people with disabilities navigate their way around;
  • irreplaceable assistants for foreigners who do not know the local language, mothers with children, and so on.

General standards

So, hotel signs affect the management component of the establishment:

  • they indicate the caring attitude of the institution's management to their team;
  • help staff move quickly and safely in space, increasing the number of indicators of their efficiency.

About how the presence of interior signs affects the indicators of employee's productivity we told you in the articleYou can take these tips into account when working on the KPI system.

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How hotel signs and numbers affect the restaurant's marketing 

To create an effective promotion strategy for an institution, marketers always: 

  •  focus on the client;
  • deeply study consumer's demand; 
  • constantly look for new methods of sales promotion;
  • track key metrics of efficiency of their work and return on investment.

But if the visitor, entering the establishment, cannot easily and quickly find the entrance to the toilet room, which he now urgently needs, all the efforts spent on marketing are in vain. Therefore, it's hard to talk about KPI achievements.

This means that the presence of indication signs in a hospitality establishment is not only a very important indicator of high — quality service. It is also a component that helps marketers. 

How indication signs help to increase the ROI («Return on Investment») of a hospitality establishment

Bsign signs and numbers help to increase such an important KPI of the hospitality industry as ROI («Return on Investment»):

  • external indication hotel sign (or signboard for the hotel) will lead a potential client to an institution that they have seen information about in advertising on the internet or in print media;
  • thanks to interior signs for the hotel industry inside the premises, a person will feel good service and a relaxed atmosphere of the establishment. 

And when a potential customer easily found an institution and appreciated its service, they will stay for a long time. And during each visit, will increase the profit of the business. 

This means that the funds for his attraction were spent with high profitability, and KPI will grow.

So, pointers, numbers and signs are not only an important component of your establishment, which helps to create an atmosphere of comfort, safety and care for your customers. 

They also help to improve KPI of the hotel industry, that is key indicators of efficiency of your business.

Bsign services and products for the hotel industry

Signs and numbers from Bsign are solid and elegant. They look aesthetically pleasing in the interior of the restaurant, which is positioned as premium in advertising. 

Fill in the form to make an appointment for a free consultation with our specialists. It will help you choose and order signs and numbers for your company that will emphasize the concept of the hotel and help create the right impression in the eyes of customers. And also, of course, they will help in the implementation of KPI.

After all, we have seen above that signs in the hospitality industry play a really important role and influence the KPI of the business.

You can also discuss the needed quantity of signs, design options and their customization.

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