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New sign design "Otherside": style and functionality in one solution

What if we make a part of the sign retractable? The Bsign team grabbed this idea and brought it to reality in order to revolutionize the concept of modern signs. This solution represents a brand-new level in interior design, combining style and practicality. The "Otherside" signs not only boost sophistication, but also provide convenience and flexibility in use. In this article, we will consider in detail the characteristics and benefits of this exclusive design.

Advantages of the new custom sign design

In comparison to the traditional signs, our new design will bring significant benefits to your business.

Convenience and flexibility

The principal advantage of these signs is the retractable acrylic element. With it, it will be accessible for you to change cabinets in places without moving signs. You only need to replace the retractable part. Such a necessity may appear as a result of the expansion of the company, the change in the structure of departments or the optimization of the workspace. And the "Otherside" signs save you time in changing the designation of the premises.

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Stylish, eye-catching signage design

The combination of natural wood, durable metal and glossy acrylic provides an exceptional appearance that highlights the modern style of the office interior. Such signs look expensive and elegant, and have a positive impact on the general impression of visitors.

Moreover, the signs are made in a minimalist design that is trendy, laconic and comfortable

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High Quality

We use only high-quality materials in the manufacture of our door signage. We integrate advanced technology with handmade workmanship to transform workpieces into finished products. Acrylic and metal parts are carved with a laser. Images, inscriptions and numbers are printed with a special printer, while the work on the wooden part is entirely manual: from manufacturing to coating with a matte layer. The core of the sign ensures durability, metal inserts tightly hold the acrylic part, which protects from scratches and damage. Such attention to details guarantees durability and wear resistance.

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Other benefits of new business sign design

— Double-sided adhesive tape makes it uncomplicated to install and replace signs.

— The selection of creative and exclusive signs demonstrates the professional approach and reliability of the company.

— Braille, which duplicates all designations, makes your business accessible to visitors with certain disabilities.

Color range and sizes of business sign design

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The "Otherside" signs have one more substantial advantage, which we have not shared yet. Every time we generate new designs, we care about their versatility. For this reason we provide our existing and potential customers with the freedom to select colors in personal orders. The basic variation of this door sign design is dark wood and transparent acrylic. Where appropriate, you may choose a variant that will ideally integrate with the interior and corporate identity of the company. 

You can choose your color of the acrylic part from 12 possible ones by notifying the manager, because by default acrylic is transparent:

  • Green Glasses Acrylic
  • Yellow Glasses Acrylic
  • Orange Glasses Acrylic
  • Red Glasses Acrylic
  • Blue Glasses Acrylic
  • Violet Glasses Acrylic
  • Grey Matte Acrylic
  • Grey Glasses Acrylic
  • Black Glasses Acrylic
  • White Glasses Acrylic
  • Silver
  • Gold

You can also choose the wooden part in the color that you prefer most of all:

  • Walnut
  • Redwood
  • Natural Wood
  • Indian Rosewood
  • Anthracite Gray
  • Dark Wenge

"Otherside" signs are easily integrated into any interior and enhance it.

For whom will this design be a great solution?

Actually, the "Otherside" design has a classic, but at the same time stylish appearance. This makes the signs versatile for any business. This design will best fit the following niches:

  • Office premises and coworking spaces. These new office door signs have a professional appearance that will be an amazing supplement to the interior of business offices.
  • Hotels and apartments. Signs will be an excellent option for designating staff premises and halls for visitors. And in order to enumerate the rooms, Bsign consultants will pick out an appropriate combination of designs from the assortment.
  • Educational establishments "Otherside" signs will serve in marking all learning spaces to make them effortless to find.

This is only a list of typical business areas that can boldly choose our new design. If your company has a different direction, the "Otherside" signs will suit you too. Either way, there is a broad range of successful solutions in our catalog.


Adaptive signs are the perfect solution for a modern business that strives to stand out among its competitors and combine style with functionality. They not only enhance an impression of style in the interior, but also provide convenience in use. "Otherside" signs enable you to quickly adapt the space to new requirements. Regardless of the type of business, these custom interior signs will become an essential element that highlights a professional approach and concern for comfort. 

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