Acrylic Restroom Signs

Acrylic restroom sign — modern choice of nowadays

Everyone knows that the quality of functional items that are used for a long time depends on the practical characteristics of the material from which certain elements of the interior or exterior are made. However, today customers want to buy not only practical, but also modern and aesthetic things that would be harmoniously combined with the style of the room in which they will be placed.

Classic or Modern style remains one of the most popular ways to decorate different rooms. The classics are characterized by reliability, sophistication and practicality of all elements of the interior or exterior. Durable  acrylic glass is an excellent material for modern and stylish functional items. Modern trends in the field of decor are to create visually attractive, but at the same time the most practical interior items that would be harmoniously combined with any style of home or office. Acrylic is a durable and reliable material that retains its original appearance for many decades, so it is extremely popular around the world.

Acrylic Restroom Signs

Bsign produce unique and high-quality door signs

Bsign company offers you the production of unique and creative acrylic restroom signs. Organic acrylic glass is a great field for ideas and the implementation of various ideas. The most popular are black, white or plates in a combination of these colors. They fit into any interior and convey the mood, the atmosphere of modernity. Gloss of the base originally shades the inscription or symbolic image for toilets. However, our customers have the opportunity to buy in the Bsign store inscriptions in different colors and shades, according to the interior preferences of a particular room.

A special feature of acrylic can be considered its plasticity and ability to be easily processed. Thanks to this, our masters can easily make acrylic symbols for you, images from 3D signs of different colors, which can be placed on a base of another material, acrylic of another color or glued directly to the wall or door. Agree, this version of the acrylic sign on the restroom — it's very beautiful, especially creative.

Acrylic Restroom Signs 

How to buy original products with worldwide shipping?

To buy certain items of inscriptions from the Bsign product catalog, it is important to specify the following information when ordering:

- quantity
- dimensions
- the color of the base and the test or icon
- personal wishes

    A special feature of our products and information boards on the walls is that each of them is subject to manual processing. The warmth of hands, skill and professionalism of our team work for a positive result, which will surely delight our customers for a long time, because our acrylic restroom signs are durable and always relevant and fashionable. We have high-class specialists who constantly hone their skills, follow the fashion trends in the world of wall decor and modern ways of implementing them. Therefore, we do not rule out the use of specialized equipment — a UV printing for high quality printing and a special machine that provides flawless cutting of material, gives products the desired shape, precise and clear lines. 

    As for the form, we do not limit our customers to this option at all. acrylic restroom signs can be square, rectangular, round, oval or abstract, cut according to your scheme. If you have special wishes regarding the design, quantity of products or an exclusive, individual vision of your inscriptions on toilets, please contact us - we are always happy to help creative customers.


    What are the options for attaching the restroom signs?

    There are two options for attaching signs:
    1. Stick with double-sided tape if the surface is smooth (painted smooth wall, door, wood, tile, metal, plastic)
    2. Screw onto metal spacers if the surface is not smooth. The sign will hang 20 mm from the wall.

    Do you need another size for acrylic restroom signs?

    We can make products in any size, just write the necessary information to us by the following e-mail:

    How to calculate the cost of acrylic bathroom signs?

    The cost of our products is indicated on the website, for the calculation of non-standard products, please contact us. The cost of bulk orders is calculated taking into account the discount.