Steel House Numbers

Steel house numbers — best choice under the time

This also applies to the manufacture of stainless steel house number plate and signs. Since most of the signs are facades and entrance doors, you need to use strong, durable stainless steel. Exterior conditions are not always favorable and raw materials should not be exposed to external factors, mechanical impact. Stainless steel has all the necessary qualities to be used outdoors. 

Stainless steel house numbers are high-quality and functional decor that can be used in various exterior designs, as well as easily combined with various structures, such as wood or acrylic. Stainless steel has a number of important advantages, which is why it is often used in design:

- strength
- durability
- practicality
- many processing options
- good appearance
- constant relevance


Steel House Numbers

    In most cases, steel house numbers, inscriptions, and stainless steel house numbers are made of two layers - a background of stainless steel and the top layer of acrylic, wood. Most often, each plate has its own color and shape, which provides the product with contrast and a clear visual effect. The steel itself can also be specially treated to give it a glossy, matte or satin finish. So, in order stainless steel house signs original steel number for the house, you need to go to the Bsign store and choose the design that suits you best. Additionally, in the description of each product you need to specify the following options:

    - quantity
    - sizess
    - background and inscription color
    - personalization

      As individual wishes on the plate in addition to the house number, street name, you can apply the desired image, additional text with a professional UV printer, which applies high-quality, stable printing with polymer inks. The second method of personalization is 3D elements. Acrylic is cut with a laser and glued to the surface, which is very nice in steel house numbers. If you have cary about how your stainless steel house signs  will be numbered on the future plate, just contact us and we will make for you digital proof. 

      Long term of serve and easy to clean

      One of the most common questions about stainless steel is the care of its appearance, especially at steel house numbers. Just use air, blow the dust off, or use a soft microfiber. And your steel house numbers will last for many years.

      It is also easy and hassle-free to install steel inscriptions on the facade of the house or the front door with metal dowels, which allows products to stay in place despite the wind, mechanical impact and different weather conditions. 

      Steel House Numbers

      Metal materials — best durability and stylish looking

      The world of metal and steel products is always dominated by creativity, stable demand and new ideas. Over the years, this durable material has gained special application in various aspects of human life, in particular in interior design, the manufacture of decorative elements. First of all, let's look at some features of this material. 

      There are many types of stainless steel and each has its own differences and scope. The main element influencing the resistance of stainless steel to oxidation is chromium. It is its oxide firm on the surface of the metal that prevents the formation of rust and creates a familiar color and shine for stainless steel house numbers and letters. And this layer recovers quickly enough at scratches on metal. In addition, nickel or titanium is added to increase elasticity and other properties.

      The bigger the chromium content in the steel, the higher the oxidation resistance of stainless steel. Due to the high percentage of nickel, steel has good anti-corrosion and anti-magnetic properties. Distinguishing it from a simple technical stainless steel is quite simple - you just need to try to bring a magnet.