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5 popular questions about signs and numbers

Does the balance between visual appeal and durability, environmental friendliness and lightness matter to you? Then read the BSIGN team’s material. It will help you get answers to important questions when ordering and save time.

1. How difficult is it to fix the sign, can I handle it on my own?

Signs for office doors or other premises are attached in two ways:

  • on adhesive tape;
  • with remote holders.

Both options provide a secure attachment of the product and allow you to easily handle it yourself, based on the visual instruction that we attach.

Adhesive tape attachment is suitable for flat surfaces that can be degreased. This installation option does not require any additional tools, everything you need is supplied complete with a sign.

Mounting on remote holders is possible on any surface, even raised ones. To attach the sign in this way, you will need a drill or puncher.

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2. Can I adapt sign design which I liked, according to my needs?

We always emphasize that signs and numbers for office doors or residential areas should match the interior and add personality to it. Therefore, we have in the basic assortment of BSIGN online store more than 25 product design options. We are also ready to implement your ideas. If you like some design of the door sign, but you want to change something in it, for example, the color of wood or acrylic, then the BSIGN team will be happy to do it.

Example of adaptation

In our practice, there are orders from Residential complex “Yaroslaviv Hrad” an ultra-modern residential complex with 700+ apartments. For the project, we have developed custom-designed signs and numbers. They are perfectly combined with the doors of this residential complex and help create a sense of harmony and holistic design solution for visitors. To implement the customer’s idea, we have created more than 20 samples of painted wood. Among them, he chose the ones that he liked the most.

Also, a batch of ivory acrylic numbers was made for the Yaroslaviv Hrad residential complex. Therefore, we are not afraid of non-standard orders, on the contrary, they allow the team to show their skills and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

For more information about customization options and its importance, see in this article.

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3. What about the quality and durability, safety of materials?

Working with all sign designs for businesses and individuals we use only three materials:

  • wood;
  • acrylic glass;
  • stainless steel.

All of them are eco-friendly. They also have the following advantages:

  • strength and durability (wood is treated with special mixtures);
  • ability to maintain its original appearance for years;
  • easy to care for.
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      4. What tasks are solved with signs for businesses and individuals?

      Signs on the doors of offices or rooms of medical institutions are not only visually attractive and complement the interior, but also help to solve the following tasks:

      • make the space more comfortable, atmospheric, stylish, unique;
      • make it easier for visitors to navigate commercial premises;
      • strengthen company branding.
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        5. Can I trust BSIGN company, what is your experience?

        The trust of our customers is extremely important for us. So, first of all, we are working on quality of products. We have a well-coordinated team with more than 10 years of experience, professional technique, we perform many operations manually, and we also carefully control all operations.

        The effectiveness of this approach to work is demonstrated by customer feedbacks. On the Etsy portal BSIGN online store already has more than 1000 of them, and the company’s rating is 4.8 out of 5.

        More about the BSIGN company we wrote in this material. Do you want to place an order or have interesting and non-standard ideas about design of door signs for offices or apartments? Place an order in BSIGN online store or leave your details in the form, BSIGN manager will contact you and give you a free consultation.

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