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5 reasons to order new signs and numbers for your business

Signs and numbers are important elements of interior and exterior design for any business. In addition, they not only point the way to guests and customers, but also provide important information about your company.

However, over time, they need to be updated. Because a successful business always pays attention to details. One of them is interior signs and numbers.

So, what gives your business a timely update of navigation elements?

1. Visual appeal

New signs and numbers can provide your premises with a modern view and beautiful design. Because they become an important part of the overall style of the room and add a touch of elegance that attracts the attention of customers and guests.

In addition, signs are one of the easiest ways to make the interior trendy.
The following trends are currently relevant.

  • Using the psychology of color. For example, blue is trending, as well as pastel colors such as white, beige, gray, and ivory.
  • Versatility and flexibility of all elements of the space.
  • Elements of home comfort. For example, pillows, paintings, carpets, and so on. Using these elements one can create a warm atmosphere. It can be appropriate in the recreation area. But their use should be dosed.
  • Technological furniture. For example, tables, equipped with built-in and pull-out sockets, charging stations, USB connectors and special holders for wires under the countertop.
  • Various artificial lighting options. It can be spot built-in, wall and table lamps, floor lamps, bras, spots. Also, chandeliers and lamps of a neutral style without flickering and with an optimal color temperature with large shades.
  • A reminder of nature and environmental friendliness. That is, wooden furniture or signs on the doors are just what you need.
information signs

    2. Brand strengthening

    High — quality signs and numbers are not just part of the navigation system, as we mentioned above. They are part of your brand. Correct design and logo applied to the product, that in turn, can emphasize your uniqueness and make you stand out from less bright competitors.

    With the help of custom signs, you can design different marketing strategies which will affect the future increase in sales.

    Thanks to the fact that Bsign makes signs from a variety of materials: wood, glass, acrylic and others you can order customized products. That in turn, will perfectly emphasize the identity of your brand.

    3. Facilitating the perception of information

    Over time, signs that had quite acceptable appearance, can lose not only the brightness of colors, but also labels may become not clear enough. This is especially true if we are talking about external signs, because they are significantly affected by weather conditions.

    The new signs and numbers will be readable and understandable for everyone. This is really important if your business works with different clients. For example, we can put Braille on the sign, so that people with visual impairments can also get the necessary information.

    Also, there are five basic principles of visual perception that underlie the
    development of any design.

    information signs

    1. Similarity

    When learning any new material, people naturally combine objects that are similar in certain characteristics. Creating similarities in the design can be done using different tools such as colors, sizes and shapes.

    2. Proximity

    Objects in the composition that are located close to each other are perceived as interrelated or belonging to the same group. In design, this principle is used to create visual intimacy.
    Therefore, it is important to follow the general logic and target direction, so that object grouping is reasonable and functional.

    3. Simplicity

    The brain has the ability to perceive and analyze even unusual or complex images. At the same time, simplifying them to the simplest possible forms.
    In this process, the brain removes all unnecessary details that can complicate the composition and distract from the perception of harmony.

    4. Completeness

    The brain perfectly distinguishes shapes, groups information, and automatically fills in spaces to form a complete and understandable picture.
    This ability allows it to recognize objects even in cases where some details are missing or unfamiliar.

    5. Moving direction

    A person's gaze subconsciously chooses to move from left to right, from darker to lighter, and moves towards and behind the light. If you start the overview in a certain direction, the visitor will observe in that direction until something else attracts their attention.

    You can read more about this in the article.

    4. Adapting to changes

    If your business has expanded the list of services or starts to work in a new field, it is signs that can help you. For example, they can make it easier for people to navigate in a new office by creating a more logical navigation system.

    Another trend that many companies are now following is environmental friendliness. You can read more about this in the article «Eco-friendly advertising materials: why is it important?». And if you are close to such changes, on our website you can order signs and numbers that will be eco-friendly to any taste.

    5. Impact on first impressions

    The first impression of the appearance of the signs plays an important role in the perception of your business. A guest or customer who sees updated, professionally made signs and numbers may feel more confident in your company. On the contrary, signs that don't look very «fresh» even subconsciously don't make the best impression on people.

    In general, custom signs for your business is an investment in its successful work and image. Thanks to this, you can use them as advertising to attract new customers, retain existing ones and create a strong brand. Do not hesitate to take a step into the future and order new products today.

    information signs

    How to order signs for business

    If you intend to take care of the company's image and brand, then part of this work will definitely be signs and numbers. BSIGN team can produce high-quality products for you, which will perfectly fit into the corporate identity and interior.

    By the way, we wrote an article about our new products, it is called Tips for updating signs and new designs to improve your business.

    In addition, we produce customized signs and numbers. You can select the design of door signs, size, wood color, etc. To get the most out of information, fill in the form. Our manager will contact you and provide you with a free consultation on our services, and also will answer all your questions.

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