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How to choose a number for the material and features of the door

Want to upgrade your doors using the plate, but you doubt which one is better to choose? We have prepared tips for you to help you decide.

Pay attention to the material from which the doors are made

This factor is really important, so consider the following recommendations.

Transparent glass doors

Due to the fact that glass is now produced really strong, doors from it are made both for entrance and interior.

Advantages of glass doors:

  • eco-friendly;
  • resistant to moisture and sun, high and low temperatures;
  • easy maintenance;
  • easy integration into any interior.

Simple steel plates and signs with fine lines will look good on them. You should also take into account the weight of the product: if the plate is heavy, it will not be possible to securely attach it to the tape. But remote holders are not suitable for most types of glass.

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Metal doors

Such doors are often used as entrance doors.

Advantages of metal doors:

  • strength;
  • resistance to high and low temperatures, water, fire;
  • really long service life;
  • ability to imitate different textures (for example, wood).

Here you can choose a wide variety of options: made of wood, metal, acrylic glass or a combination of materials. Massive and solid products will look good. If you have a door made of metal painted in a light color, it is appropriate to choose a dark plate and vice versa.

You can attach plates to metal doors with tape.

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Wooden doors

This is a traditional solution that is often chosen by adherents of both modernity and classics in the design of premises

Advantages of wooden doors:

  • always up-to-date appearance;
  • eco-friendly;
  • long service life.

In this case, you can give preference to clear acrylic glass plates, through which wood texture will be clearly visible. Plates using wood in a contrasting color to the canvas will also look good. These recommendations are also relevant when the doors are made of finely dispersed wood fraction.

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Combined doors

Now such doors are becoming more and more popular, because the combination of different materials allows you to realize a variety of design solutions.

The advantages of combined models are, in fact, the sum of the advantages of the materials used.

If the door is made of several materials, decide in advance on which part the plate will be located. Also think about how the product will fit in with the door as a whole.

For example, you have doors, the main part of which is made of wood, and “windows” made of glass are used as decoration. In this case, you can place a small light plate on the glass part, or order a sign with the number, which will be fixed on remote holders on the wooden part.

Fasteners: what you need to consider

If you really like a particular design signs or plates on the apartment door but you understand that the fastening method provided in it is not suitable for your door, there are two solutions.

First — place the plate not on the door itself, but next to it, on the wall.

Second  discuss customization with BSIGN online store manager. For example, change the type of fasteners of the apartment door sign. This is exactly what happened when we performed order for the elite Residential complex “Yaroslaviv Hrad”

The representative of the constructor liked Modern design the most, but he wanted the plates to be not on the door, but on the wall. Therefore, when manufacturing we changed the mounting type to the desired one.

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Keep in mind universal solutions among signs, plates and numbers on the apartment and office doors.

If your doors are combined, which we discussed above, you can pay attention to the plates made of acrylic glass. For example, in BSIGN online store there is Simple design  organic combination of black and white acrylic elements. That is, such products will be harmoniously combined with doors in any style.

Another version of the plates that will fit different doors is Thin design. The extreme simplicity of this universal solution and the ability to choose the color of the material make such plates appropriate with a wide variety of doors.

Do not forget about the door accessories

This also matters, because the handle or door knocker of the entrance doors made of antique brass, most likely will not be in harmony with the shiny polished steel sign or plate. But simple black plates or door numbers will be absolutely appropriate here.

Also, if it is important for you to emphasize the accessories, you can choose wooden numbers, usually they go well with different materials.

In BSIGN assortment there are, for example, the following options:

Do you plan to order a plate or numbers on the door from available options or do you want to get a custom design? Leave your details in the form on the website and the BSIGN online store manager will contact you soon and will conduct a consultation on interior door signs.

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