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Interior signs and their impact on employee productivity

In offices, employees can spend eight or more hours a day looking at the same walls and furniture. Over time, some people notice that they have lost their inspiration and start to get bored. 

To keep your team's productivity at a high level, you should constantly pay attention to all the details that may affect it. Among such important things are office signs. In this article, BSIGN specialists will tell you how the company's products can help you create an atmosphere that will have a positive impact on labor productivity of employees.

Office signs as a way of non-material motivation

Managers are often on the lookout for non-trivial ways to motivate the team and improve labor productivity of employees.

Although no one has canceled material incentives, such as bonuses and promotions, there is also non-material motivation. One of its tools can be signs in the office space

To begin with, many companies prepare a gift bag for new team members and present it on the first working day.

It can contain more than just a welcome card for a new employee, but also a sign with the person's name and position. Such a thing will show that the newcomer was expected to come, and he is welcome. 

By the way, personal products should also be prepared for those who have been working for a long time.

It can be signs on the office door, or wall signs. For many people, it's really important to have a personal sign. 

With the help of these products one can create a sense of ownership and identity, good mood. They also help employees feel like they have their own space in the workplace.

In addition, signs also make it easier for colleagues and clients to identify who they are talking to, which can improve communication. After all, sometimes people are very uncomfortable that they do not know how to address the interlocutor.

In other words, such a sign can help increase overall satisfaction of staff from work and its effectiveness. 

And also, when a person, for example, is promoted, along with a notification of a new position, you can also hand over a sign on the office door where it is indicated.

This small gesture will help the employee feel valued, not just with money.

information signs

Office signs for building the corporate spirit

Companies, which have the intention to build a solid business, usually take care of such things:

  • employee morale;
  • workplace safety;
  • good external opinion about the company;
  • and so on. 

Signs for office space will help you work with these factors in many ways. 

For example, your company declares such a value as caring for nature.

To show that these are not just words, you can emphasize that your office signs are safe for the environment

If you say you care about inclusivity, you can't do without ADA signs. Employees and visitors who need them will definitely appreciate their availability. Everyone else will notice your concern. 

Pointing signs will help potential employees of the organization or newcomers navigate both on the day of the interview and in the first days of work. This is especially true when the building is large. 

For example, a person goes to work in the sales department, which is located on one floor, but they will need to communicate with the marketing and advertising departments located on the other two floors. 

Signs will help you not to waste time searching, because they will indicate which departments are on this floor. And on the doors of the offices will be written who exactly works here. 

If we talk about the security of workplaces then the signs will come in handy again. For example, those that indicate the placement of fire extinguishers or signs of emergency exit.

In other words, if you regularly pass by these signs, the company's employees will automatically remember them.

In a critical situation, people will be able to quickly navigate. Their life and health can sometimes depend on this.

Signs also play a role in constantly reminding the team about the employer's brand. For example, by placing the company's logo on them. 

Also, the signs themselves can be decorated using corporate colors.

For BSIGN company such customization is not a problem. Our production facilities have everything you need to adapt any design to your needs.

information signs

Office signs as a way to update the interior

At the beginning of the article, we touched upon the question that employees who work for a long time in the company get bored with the interior of the office space over time.

It may seem too familiar and completely uninteresting to them. There are people who are really depressed by the monotony and it does not allow them to work at full capacity. 

So, office design has to be updated periodically. Of course, any radical and large-scale repairs are expensive from the point of view of finances and time.

But you can do with such "cosmetic edits". Office signs exactly what is quite easy to update. 

At the same time, they can act as not only navigation elements, but also become part of the decor.

For example, replacing the standard signs on the office door for something more interesting, you will give employees the opportunity to feel in a fresh and new interesting space.

This will not require complex actions from you, the main thing is to choose products in a style that matches the general office design

If we talk about the range of signs for the office from BSIGN then it has various options: from absolutely neutral, classic and elegant to modern models made of glossy acrylic glass and wood. 

In order for the new signs to organically integrate into your office space, usually a certain color or pattern is chosen for them, which will be combined with existing interior elements. For example, doors or furniture.

But this option is not mandatory. You can do the opposite and order office signs which will contrast with the overall style of the interior.

This approach will help create an eclectic atmosphere, which is also relevant now. 

To sum up. Satisfied employees will certainly share with their friends that they have a cool office space, which is really pleasant to work in.

Such recommendations will definitely work for your external reputation; therefore, it is likely that new valuable personnel will come to you through them. 

information signs

If you want to order production of door signs, then BSIGN team will be happy to help you with this.

Leave your contacts in the form and our manager will contact you very soon. He will professionally help you choose high-quality and stylish signs. These products will have a positive impact on various factors, on which depends higher efficiency of your employees and their high-quality performance of their duties. 

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