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Mistakes to avoid when ordering signs

Stylish and high-quality business signs have long been a mandatory part of commercial interiors. They help to solve a number of important tasks and play a significant role in creating company's image. 

In this article, Bsign team will tell you about the typical mistakes when ordering information and navigation signs, door number signs etc. We will also give you tips that will help you avoid difficulties and order signs, which will not only have a stylish appearance but will also benefit your business. 

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Tasks that can be solved using custom sign making 

Usually Bsign clients who order signs, need to get the following.

1. Comfort for visitors

When a building has a well-designed navigation system, then all its elements, starting from signs on the house on the street, and ending with signs on the doors of individual offices, help people find what they need. 

What is important, they can do it on their own, without asking for help from employees of the organization. In other words, signs solve two problems at once: 

  • they give visitors a sense of confidence and independence;
  • they save employees' time because they are not distracted from their immediate responsibilities by questions about finding a way. 

    2. Working for the brand image 

    If you have a corporate identity, you should order information signs which will be an organic part of it. In this way, they will contribute to the company's image in the eyes of existing and potential customers.

    You can learn more about the role of signs in branding from this article

    3. Highlighting your own uniqueness

    Now there is an increasing demand for things that are real works of art and do not look like mass-market goods. 

    They help owners demonstrate their uniqueness, convey their preferences and beliefs to others.

    Knowing this, we pay a lot of attention to creating customized signs

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    Common mistakes when ordering signs and ways to avoid them

    In order for the signs to help you solve the problems we mentioned above, they must be of really high quality. And to order just such products, you should find out in advance what mistakes should be avoided.

    1. Trying to put too much information on the sign

    The temptation to give as much text as possible on a small sign usually turns the product into a mess. Therefore, give preference to literally one or two words, pictograms. 

    Such custom signs will be informative, readable, and relevant.

    In general, there are rules for selecting the size of signs in accordance with the distance from which you need to read the text. Our experts always rely on them when making layouts of customized signs. 

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    2. Incorrect fonts

    Information sign that uses a light font on the same background will be difficult to understand. It is also important to consider the intervals:

    • between letters in words;
    • between the lines.

    We also advise you to avoid too complex grotesque fonts and handwritten fonts, or use them very carefully. 

    These details largely determine not only the aesthetic appeal of the sign, but also whether it will perform its functions. 

    It is better to discuss these details at the stage of consultation and creation of the layout, so that when making the signs, the craftsmen did exactly what you wanted. 

    3. Mistakes in words

    This also, unfortunately, happens. This is especially outrageous when a large batch of signs is ordered. Making the same amount again is not fast or cheap. So, check the spelling carefully. After all, using signs with mistakes is not the best idea from the point of view of reputation and image.

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    4. Incorrectly selected design and materials for manufacturing 

    When a visitor suddenly sees cheap and not very high-quality signs in an expensive interior with an author's renovation, they have a dissonance. The same can happen when, for example, in a vintage room there are signs in the loft style. 

    Therefore, it is better to carefully choose the materials for products and their design, and in general it is ideal to give preference to custom door signs, which will be adapted to the features of the room. We talk about this experience in this case

    5. ADA absence

    Visitors to commercial premises can be different people, so you should make sure that each of them is comfortable. 

    Adding ADA symbols to navigation signs is a clear manifestation of your humanity and responsibility. 

    How to order signs

    If you have already decided that you want to order unique door signs, but you haven't decided what they should be yet, please fill in the form

    Bsign manager will contact you soon. During the free consultation, you will discuss the design, material, order production time and so on. 

    We have been working with signs for more than ten years, so we know the most common mistakes when ordering signs. So, we will warn you about them and do everything possible to ensure that you get the perfect result without any mistakes. 

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