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Signs for the construction and repair business: what are their benefits?

In today's world, where dynamism and comfort are becoming an integral part of life, it is important to have clear guidelines both in the space of the premise and outside it. Among the key components that contribute to this orientation are various navigation elements. 

Designer apartment numbers, warning signs and indication signs are not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive, so they help to implement the unique style and concepts of designers, architects and owners or tenants of premises. This is well known to participants in the construction and repair market. 

Navigation elements are particularly important for luxury buildings, where every detail matters.

Signs and numbers play a significant role in forming the first visual impression of a business or object. It is important that they attract the attention of visitors, and also were informative, the text was easy to read, and the product itself conveyed the atmosphere and main characteristics of the object. 

The colors, fonts, images and logos used on the sign must be in harmony with each other, and also match the overall style of a brand, residential or business complex.

Do not forget that the sign must comply not only with the general style of the space, but also with legislation and local regulations. For example, some localities have their own rules regarding the size and style of signs and signposts to preserve the aesthetics of urban space. Therefore, this should be considered, performing construction and repair works

A variety of signs for houses and apartments. Choosing materials, styles, and functionality in terms of construction business

Navigation signs for residential buildings, and also those that indicate floors and apartment numbers may vary in shape, style, and material. 

These are the materials used to make signs for houses most often.


Numbers on the apartment door are often made of stainless steel, as well as aluminum. They are lightweight, durable and weather-resistant.


It comes in different colors and strengths. Apartment signs and numbers made of it are lightweight, inexpensive and resistant to moisture.


Such signs for the house or the doors give the building a warmer and more natural look. They can be made in a variety of styles, including high-tech, modern, or classic.

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These products look stylish and concise. They are often used in modern designs, construction business, quite fair, considers them universal. By the way, now people often prefer signs made of acrylic glass. Visually, it is not much different from organic, but it is lighter, and also more resilient. 

Ceramic or stone

Signs and numbers made of these materials are durable and elegant. They are well suited for old-style homes.

Also, construction businesses use the following types of signs.

Laser-engraved signs 

Made using modern laser engraving technologies. This ensures that the text is applied accurately and clearly, and also allows you to apply logos, geometric shapes, and so on. 

Glowing signs 

LED illumination makes the signs clearly visible even at night. For example, at the entrance of a residential building, or in the parking lot of an office center, such signs are simply irreplaceable. They also show the location of entrances and exits, gates and so on. And products of this plan look stylish and modern.


They can combine several materials or design elements to create an aesthetically pleasing effect. In addition, combined products are easier to integrate into interiors. For example, a combination of wood and black acrylic glass as a result makes the sign organic for both loft and classic interiors. 

Usually selection and ordering signs for construction that is still ongoing is happening ahead of time. They depend on the style of the house, the budget of the construction or repair company, as well as individual preferences of the owners.

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When construction and repair companies contact manufacturers of signs and numbers

It may seem that at a time when heavy equipment is working on the construction site, and potential customers do not even know about the existence of the future residential or office complex, it is too early to order signs. 

In fact, it is at this stage of construction that it is possible and even necessary to do this, especially when it comes to expensive and large-scale projects. When repair work is already underway, it may be too late to order signs.

Usually, the decision to purchase an expensive residential or business- real estate is taken for a long time, looking at the object from all sides.

For example, a company that is considering buying an entire floor for the office, will carefully study what is the traffic flow around the building, will it be convenient for visitors and employees to get to this location. 

And a person who plans to buy a house will pay attention to whether maintenance of the surrounding area, creation of green spaces, infrastructure (cafes, shops, gyms, etc.), current repairs, etc. are provided for.

Also, in both cases, the visualization of the object, both external and internal, will be accurately considered. And it will be very good if it already contains navigation elements designed in the style inherent in the project as a whole. 

Yes, this is not the most important thing, but the fact that the developer or contractor considered the details, will show him as a picky person in a good sense. This means that he will also take care of compliance with all the requirements and wishes in other aspects. And this increases trust.

So, the signs that are on the visualizations should be ordered in advance. Especially if they are customized products. Because it may happen that you will have to wait for a certain material or they will be made to order. 

It is also worth considering that the production of signs may not be located where the construction site is located. Therefore, it is necessary to set a time for delivery, with different territories it sometimes takes a lot of time and it is not always possible to predict it exactly

Therefore, it is better to have finished products even before the beginning of repair works inside the building. Instead of waiting for them at a time when tenants or owners are already starting to move in and express dissatisfaction with the fact that it is difficult to navigate.

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Developer, designer and sign manufacturer: a team that creates a harmonious space

There are a number of examples when developers of certain residential complexes turned to manufacturers of signs for the design of space. 

Comprehensive order of all signs for construction in one style, allows you to create a harmonious and stylish space that corresponds to the overall concept of the residential complex. 

Our experience in manufacturing signs for construction

In our practice, too, there is such a case study of manufacturing of signs and numbers for the residential complex «‎Yaroslaviv Hrad‎» in Kyiv. We were approached by a representative of the company that built and finished this elite apartment complex. 

Our task was to create a set of signs and numbers that would simplify the orientation of residents and visitors around the territory. After all, the complex consists of several houses of different floors and layouts, so navigation elements were needed.

The customer also wanted the signs and numbers to be in harmony with the already completed decoration. Repair works were already being completed, so the apartment doors were installed. We needed to make signs and numbers that would look like a set with the door.

The client chose the design, and also explained how he would like to transform it. We started work from the fact that we created a unique color of acrylic, and then paid attention to making a wooden base of the desired tone and texture. For this purpose, 20 wood samples were developed.

After the test products were approved, we passed the order for manufacturing. It was necessary to do the work very quickly in order to meet the deadlines set.

We managed to create a full set of signs and numbers on time, so the cooperation gave an excellent result.

In total, we produced 1,226 signs of different sizes for the project:

  • 700 door numbers;
  • 300 signs for stairwells;
  • 200 floor number signs;
  • 26 large signs with house numbers.

This case highlights: it is important that the designer fully understands the specifics of the project, and also considers the customer's requirements. 

Only in this case can you achieve true harmony in the design of the space and create a unique home that will bring joy, comfort and other positive emotions for its residents.

How can signs transform offices and branches of existing companies?

If above we talked more about construction business, now we will pay attention to situations when signs and numbers are ordered at the stage of repair, redesign, etc. 

For example, when a large corporation changes its name or corporate identity, it needs to redo its offices for this update. In other words, this is a large-scale rebranding and repair works, which relate to the exterior and interior decoration of buildings.

Also, signs and numbers are ordered when scaling, when companies open branches and representative offices in different cities, but all of them must be designed in the same style. In this case, accents in the form of signs, numbers and pointers are certainly important.

In all these cases, during repair works most often, customized signs and numbers are installed. That is, using corporate colors, fonts, and the applied logo. From the point of view of brand formation, this decision is a winning one and absolutely correct. We wrote more about the impact of signs on brand formation here

Also, when repair works are being conducted it may turn out that a particular wall or door material is not suitable for a particular method of fixing signs. Here again, manufacturers who are able to make customized products come to the rescue. For example, we can change the mounting type if necessary. With this flexibility, it's much easier for companies to do repairs.

How to order signs and numbers?

Are you building or renovating? Are you planning to order signs or numbers, but you haven't decided on the design yet? Or do you have any other questions? Fill in the form so that our manager can contact you and conduct a free consultation on prices, materials, design, and also exact order completion dates. For the construction companies we have attractive terms of cooperation and satisfaction from results

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