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The role of information signs in creating company's image

In the business world a company's image plays a key role in shaping its success. The image can be visual, internal, external, social, or business. Most often, companies work on all aspects, because they are closely related to each other. In this article, we will look at the role of signs and numbers in creating and strengthening the company's image. 

First of all, it is important to understand that the image of the organization is not so easy to change, and working on it requires a constant investment of effort and time. Therefore, each element of the image structure must be carefully cultivated by the organization itself. This is the only way to work with the consciousness of the potential customers and partners, so that they form the right idea for the company. Otherwise, people will form the image of your company for themselves. And there will be no guarantee that it will be the way you like it. 

So, next we will tell you sequentially how to use information signs and numbers, forming the company's image.

Visual image

Visual image of the company is the first impression it makes on customers, partners, and employees. It covers all the visual elements that represent the organization to the outside world: from corporate identity and logo to office space design.

Information signs and numbers, of course, are part of this visual identity. They play an important role in conveying the company's personality.

Consistency in branding

Signages and information signs give the company the opportunity to maintain consistency in its branding efforts. For example, the same design of signs and signages, numbers, corporate colors and fonts in office premises create a holistic and recognizable visual identity. 

This consistency helps build trust and recognition among those with whom the company works.

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Attention to detail

Professionally designed and executed signages, information signs and numbers indicate that the company pays attention to details and cares about its image. High-quality products can even emphasize the sense of professionalism that the firm is making and this is especially important in industries where trust is a critical factor.

Emphasizing brand values 

An organization can use signs to emphasize its core values and mission. For example, a company that declares concern for the environment may use eco-friendly materials for its signs with the organization's name or work schedule. That is, by actions to demonstrate their commitment to such values.

Companies that prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in their activities should use special signs to ensure that their premises are comfortable for all employees and guests, including people with disabilities. For example, Braille signs clearly demonstrate the business' commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities.

Internal image

Internal image of the company is how its employees perceive the organization and interact with it. A well-designed system of information signs, for example, can make a significant contribution to creating a positive work atmosphere and increasing employees' satisfaction and productivity. 

In a large office space or complex, clear navigation signs also help new employees find meeting rooms, offices, restrooms, and other spaces without too much confusion, reducing stress and frustration levels.

We wrote about this in more detail here

External image

External image of the company is how it is perceived on the market: customers, partners and the public. Information signs play a significant role in shaping this external image, often serving as the first point of contact between the company and its stakeholders.

We wrote more about this in the article «‎How information signs about your products and services help your business»‎.

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Social image

This is closely related to the company's role in society and how it contributes to people's well-being. For example, companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness may place appropriate signs in the office to inform you about their «‎green»‎ initiatives and principles. This is not only in line with public values, but also attracts environmentally conscious customers.

And also, information signs and pointers play an important role in ensuring the safety of both employees and customers. Compliance with safety regulations and clear safety instructions on signs are vital for a positive social image. We wrote about this in a special material

Why choose customized information signs for business

Now that we've covered the various aspects of a company's image which may be affected by signs and numbers, it is important to emphasize the value of individual solutions. Here are a few reasons why organizations should consider ordering signages tailored to their unique needs.


Custom signages can be designed and matched in size and style to any space or architectural solution: whether it's a small startup office or a large-scale corporate center.


Manufacturing of custom signages opens up opportunities for using truly creative and innovative solutions that can set the company apart from its competitors. 

Adapting to the company's needs

Manufacturers who can create custom signs can make them for the customer. For example, change materials, mounting methods, dimensions, and so on. Sometimes this is very important, especially when signs need to be integrated into a ready-made room. 

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How to order signs for business

If you plan to take care of the company's image, then part of these jobs will definitely be signs and numbers. BSIGN team can produce products of high quality for you, which will perfectly fit into the corporate identity and interiors. 

In addition, we produce customized signs and numbers. You can choose design, size, wood color, etc. To get the most out of information, fill in the form. Our manager will contact you and provide you with a free consultation on our services, and also will answer all your questions. 

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