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How information signs about your products and services help your business

Providing the client with information about your products and services, communicating their advantages to them is one of the main conditions for success in business. 

A great way to share information about your product or service is to place information signs

In ancient times, people did not know about the main modern marketing tools as an effective way to promote products. Therefore, even in the time of ancient Greece information signs became the main method to attract attention and inform about the product or service.

A lot has changed since ancient times — our world has become completely different. 

But information signs remain the only and easiest way to inform about your business. Otherwise, no one will know about your services and products. 

Even if you have involved the best sales managers and ads specialists for promotion of your business, potential client has to find the building where your store or office is located.

Exterior facade wall signs will literally lead the client to your premise, and therefore to your products.

Attractive and informative outdoor information sign board will tell people about your services and their advantages.

Business signage with information about the registered name of the person or company, will tell the client that they have come to the right organization. Usually, such signs are accompanied by information about the time of service provision. It is good if the sign is designed in a corporate style or contains a logo. This provides additional recognition and promotes memorization.

After all, every information sign which leads the customer to your product or service, increases the profit of your business. Your potential client can get information about you from the following sources:

  • business signages;
  • interior signs;
  • product signs;
  • service signs;
  • external information signboard;
  • exterior facade wall sign;
  • signs for business;
  • information sign.

What are information signs?

Information marks on signs are easily recognizable designations used to identify a product or service.

The information sign for a product can be a trademark. Such a sign will be quickly recognized by a potential customer, provided that the brand is well promoted in the market through a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

Information signs are also used for warning purposes (for example, about danger). Such signs can be, for example, fire signs or fire extinguisher signs.

Advantages of information signs

The main function of information signs is to provide easy and clear information. The information displayed on the information sign must be logical, clear, and brief. This will ensure visibility and quick recognition of the product or service. 

Information signs play a very important role in a person's life.

For example, sanitary room information signs will inform the person about the room where they can meet their natural needs.

Signs of the mother and child's room will provide a small baby with everything necessary for life — they will satisfy their hunger. 

Service signs of the lawyer will satisfy the basic need of a person to quickly resolve a legal issue.

And the barbershop information sign will lead a person to a room where they will be given a neat look.

Safety information signs will save a person's life if they do not neglect them in emergency situations.

So, the main advantages of information signs:

  • save human life;
  • quickly inform about the necessary services;
  • provide quick recognition of a product or service;
interior signs

Product signs

Signs with information about your product or service should be placed in places where your potential customers are concentrated. 

For example, at thematic exhibitions of certain goods or services, it will be appropriate to place a desktop information sign on your exhibition stand. As a rule, such events are attended by visitors who are interested in your services. Therefore, a sign is an effective way to communicate about yourself.

In a jewelry store, a sign with information about the material, sample, and country of origin should be placed next to the precious product. This saves the seller's time - they will not be distracted by standard questions that usually interest visitors of such a store. 

A sign with information about a discount on a particular product will attract additional attention from a potential customer.

Branded signs

Branding has been proven to have a powerful impact on business profitability. 

Information sign about your well-known brand will quickly attract a new customer to you. 

Branded signs will provide a good image for your business and attract additional attention to it. 

Service signs

The main function of such signs is informational. The sign should convey simple and clear information about a particular service.

A sign that, in addition to information about the service, will indicate the name of the person who provides this service, plays an important role in promoting your personal brand. 

Basic information should be supplemented with the time and days when the service is provided. If a potential customer receives a clear, comprehensive answer when they are at the door of your office or store, they will definitely come to you again.

As well as signs with product information, information signs about services should be placed in places where your potential customers are concentrated.

For example, a sign with information about room design services can be placed in a popular furniture store.

interior signs

Custom signs

Customized signs made for a specific service or product will create a special atmosphere and support a certain style. This will contribute to a good image of your company.

And by creating a special atmosphere and maintaining corporate identity, customized signs increase profits of your business.

We talked about the advantages that customizing signs gives businesses here

Signs for business

Such signs have a positive impact on promotion and increase of sales. They will indicate the product or service that your client needs. This will help them make a purchase decision faster. 

We wrote about the benefits of information signs for business here.

Beautiful signboard helps you promote various business formats:

  • consulting;
  • medical;
  • hotel and restaurant;
  • construction and real estate agencies;
  • others.

Any consultant who works in the office must inform you about themselves, their services, and their reception hours. This important information should be posted on business signage that will be located on the doors of the room.

Visitors to the medical institution must know which office his doctor is in. Relevant information, as well as reception hours, can be found on the nameplate. More information about the benefits of information signs for medical institutions here.

In the article «How to use information signs to improve the KPI of the hospitality industry» we have revealed the question of how signs help in promotion of hotel and restaurant business.

The role of information signs and numbers is extremely important for construction business. After all, any new building should be equipped with an external address sign. And apartments in multi-storey buildings must be numbered.

When selling or renting out an apartment, residential or commercial premises, real estate agents must provide the address and number of the apartment to the potential buyer. They will find the necessary information on the address information sign.

Types of information signs from Bsign

Bsign offers the following signs for business

All the designs of our signs are quite restrained, and the colors are unobtrusive. Therefore, the products can be used for decorating the premises of any business.

For an example, let's describe some of the interior signs, which you can use to design your business premises in more detail.

Wayfinding Directional Sign — Steel Wall Plate Venture Design

Pointing steel signs on a wooden base. Six options of unobtrusive wood colors allow you to integrate such a sign into the design of any interior.

interior signs

Directional Wayfinding Sign — Wooden Plate Sherwood Design

A wooden sign consists of three layers: acrylic glass base, wood, and acrylic lettering. Wood color - in three versions:

  • Walnut;
  • Natural Wood;
  • Redwood.

Such a sign is attached with double-sided tape, which does not damage the surface.

Directional Wayfinding Sign — Acrylic Wall Plate Classic Design

Wall sign made of acrylic glass in a classic discreet design. Thanks to the discreet base, the user's attention is focused on the inscription, which is visible from afar due to the contrasting black color. Such a sign is attached using metal holders.

Wayfinding Directional Sign — Wood & Acrylic Wall Signage Scandza Design

Vertical wooden sign on an acrylic basis. Six product color options. It is attached with double-sided tape.

How to order the production of signs in Bsign

Information signs from Bsign are made by hand, from environmentally friendly materials. They are durable, so they do not require frequent replacement. All information on the products is also duplicated in Braille for the convenience of people with visual impairments.

So, signs for business from Bsign comply with environmental and ADA standards.

Use Bsign signs to promote your products and services.

Our experts will help you choose the design of signs for your business. 

To make an appointment for a free consultation, fill in the form.

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