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Safety signs for businesses

We are used to the fact that the main function of signs is informational. 

With the help of external signs, you can quickly find the necessary building. And interior and navigation signs help a person easily navigate the room. For example, in the article we have described the benefits of navigation signs for patients and employees of medical centers.

In addition to the informative function, the signs also provide labor productivity. The information placed on the signs helps to navigate in space and relieves the staff of excessive workload. For example, in this article we explained how to use information signs to improve the KPI of the hospitality industry. 

Now the Bsign team suggests looking at the signs from a different angle. We will tell you how safety signs enhance the image of your business and even (!) increase its profit.

Safety signs are 

graphic images, shapes, colors, light or sound warnings established to prevent employees from performing certain actions or, conversely, to provide them with recommendations on how to behave in the work area.

Safety signs are extremely important for the preservation of human life

Safety signs inform employees and visitors of the premises on how to act in emergency situations.

In an emergency and life-threatening situation, a person must act quickly and correctly. However, when a person is stressed, it is quite difficult to do such actions. In such cases, it is very important to have clear and understandable instructions.

The easiest way to tell an employee and visitor how to act in an emergency is to place safety signs in plain sight. Information with clear instructions placed on information signs will save the main thing — human life. 

So, safety signs play an important role in preserving the most valuable treasure — human life. This fact indicates the customer orientation of your business. If an organization cares about the safety of its employees, customers, and visitors, it has a significant impact on the positive image of your company.

Safety warning signs for labor protection standards

According to international labor protection standards, every employee must be informed about the rules of safe behavior at work and in everyday life.

Safety signs inform and constantly remind employees about compliance with workplace safety regulations.

Fire safety signs, posters with fire prevention advocacy, stickers with warning signs and information stands are the minimum required at every enterprise and educational institution. Visual information at enterprises and organizations will help prevent the occurrence of negative consequences in case of emergency.

Therefore, design of the room with fire safety signs and warning signs which are placed in the field of view is a very important point for compliance with labor protection standards. And compliance with these standards will again save human life and indicate the customer orientation of your business.

How safety warning signs increase the profit of your business

  1. Safety signs informing users about how to act in an emergency create a sense of security for the visitors. After feeling comfortable and safe during the first visit to your premise, customers will return to you. And, therefore, they will buy from you again and again and bring profit to your business every time.
  2. Safety signs have another important function that affects the increase in profit.

When decorating a room with safety signs, you comply with international labor protection standards. Ah, so, you save significant funds for your organization because you save your business from significant fines from the services that monitor compliance with these standards. 

Types of safety signs from Bsign

The Bsign team cares about the safety of the lives of its customers and their clients. We are also thinking about increasing the profit of your business.

Therefore, we present to your attention a number of high-quality safety signs that will save human life and save your organization's money during inspections of labor protection services:

1. Roof Access Sign Braille Stainless steel

Prohibitory safety signs about access to the roof are made of stainless steel or black acrylic glass. They are attached with a special strong adhesive tape that does not damage the surface or with the help of metal holders.

information signs

2. Extinguisher Information Signs

Fire safety signs and fire extinguisher information signs are made of stainless steel, wood or acrylic glass. The black and red color of these products provides good visibility from afar, which is important in emergency situations.

interior signs

3. Directional Exit Door Sign Black Acrylic

Safety warning signs about emergency exits are made of black acrylic glass or stainless steel. They are attached with special tape or metal holders.

interior signs

4. Stairs Information Signs

Information signs of stairs are made of wood of various colors, stainless steel or acrylic glass. They are attached with special tape or metal holders.

interior signs

Advantages of information signs from Bsign

On all our safety signs the information is duplicated in Braille. This will help people with visual impairments navigate in space. The design of the premises with such signs will indicate the customer orientation of your business and indicate that your organization complies with the international requirements of ADA. We have described this in detail in the article.

All signs are made by hand from environmentally friendly materials. The products are durable and do not require frequent replacement, which meets environmental standards. 

Therefore, if you want to strengthen the customer orientation of your business and comply with international labor protection standards, order high-quality safety signs from Bsign. 

Save money for your business and increase your profits!

Do you want to choose safety signs for the design of your premises? 

Bsign specialists will offer you the best options. To make an appointment for a free consultation with Bsign specialists, fill in the form.

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