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Top 3 unique signage ideas from Bsign

Signs are important details in the interior of businesses. And when signage has an interesting and atypical design, it not only fulfills its primary function of informing, but also becomes an important element of a marketing strategy. They upgrade the interaction with clients, foster memorization and help with branding of the company. Therefore, we decided to present you 3 of our extraordinary sign designs and describe their benefits.

Funny Restroom signs

Small business interior signage
Signage for small businesses

What would you feel if you saw a sign depicting a mermaid and a centaur in the restroom? Apparently, curiosity would prevail and you would come closer to read the inscription. You don't often see such a creative approach to everyday things. That is why originality is the main advantage of these signs.

Usually, signs in public places are purely informative. But this sign was designed to draw attention. We deliberately added icons of fantastic creatures to make the signs catch the eyes. Such an interesting image can improve the visibility of a sign. Thus it's not just a reminder to people and business clients to wash their hands. This is also a way to evoke a smile and even the commitment of visitors to the company. Every now and then people even take photos and post fascinating findings on their social networks. Therefore, such acrylic signs may even be an atypical way to promote your business and attract potential customers.

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Geometry design

Signs with business logo

Another eye-catching design of the signs stands out from the rest with the image of chaotic geometric shapes, resembling the interlacing of the web.

At first sight, these are the common signs indicating the numbers of premises and employees of the company. But on the left side of the sign there is an unusual detail. The attention of business visitors will be caught by the intertwined straight lines that form geometric shapes. This optical technique adds allure and makes the sign exclusive and easily recognizable.

The sign explicitly specifies the room number, name and surname of the person and their profession. This ensures effortless orientation for visitors and staff. And the combination of black font on a light blue background provides a modern and professional appearance that can boost the aesthetics of the business.

By choosing this classy design, you will highlight the modernity and creativity of the company.

Honeycomb business sign

Suspended signs for businesses
Business sign

It may seem that this design does not stand out too much among the typical round or square signs. But in fact, honeycomb-shaped signs have an alluring appearance in the premises and are easily customizable. These signs work best when placed next to multiple units. For example, if you need to indicate the office number, employee name, directions, or rules for staying indoors. Then the separate honeycombs are put together into a single puzzle, which becomes a magnificent interior decoration.

These signs are more versatile than those previously described, they will match perfectly with various design styles. At the same time, they have an extraordinary shape, so they will be remembered by visitors.

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Benefits that a business gains when choosing creative signs

Do you wonder how interior signs can affect business? But actually, companies can gain a number of impressive advantages if they select unusual sign designs.

  1. In a highly competitive environment, extraordinary stylistic decisions make the brand more recognizable and easy to remember. Clients are more prone to recall a company using attractive visual elements that differ from the standard ones.
  2. Creative interior signs may contribute to the attraction of particular segments of the audience with the same interests. Displaying elements of popular culture makes the brand more lively and appealing to those who share specific interests.
  3. Exceptional interior elements may encourage customers to interact. For instance, a photo with creative signs can become popular on social media and increase involvement and interaction with the brand.

But beyond the unusual designs, Bsign has a wide variety of door signs and wall signs. Therefore, there is a perfect option for every taste and style. You can look through the entire range of our products in the catalog section on our website.


If you incorporate exclusive signs in your business, it will contribute to forming an unforgettable image of the company. Classy and unique signs will ensure an impressive visual effect, catch attention and inspire visitors to take photos. And besides creative suggestions, Bsign has decor for any choice. We offer you a free consultation in order to choose signs that will perfectly upgrade your interior.

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