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What makes a sign compatible with Braille?

In today's world, where inclusivity, as well as equal opportunities for all are important, Braille signs  become an integral part of society. In this article from Bsign, we'll look at how to ensure maximum Braille sign compatibility to make them available to all your visitors.

What is Braille?

For millions of blind people, the means of communication, education and access to information is Braille, a unique tactile dot-relief font named after its inventor.

In order to raise awareness about the law on limitation of physical capabilities, in 2019, the UN General Assembly decided to celebrate World Braille Day on January 4 — the birthday of Louis Braille.

Braille sign recommendations

1. Material selection

One of the key aspects of creating visual signs is the choice of suitable materials. It is important to choose materials that are not only durable, but also allow you to make relief letters and braille dots. Usually, the use of high-quality plastics or metals is the best choice.

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2. Font design and size on signs for people with disabilities

The size and shape of Braille dots affect user-friendliness. Visual symbols play an important role in creating signs. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the optimal location and size. 

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3. Signs for the blind

Information signs must have spaces between words and light background, to ensure readability for the visually impaired. This is especially important in low light conditions.

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4. Weather resistance

Braille signs can be used for various designs and conditions, so they must be harmonious and resistant to weather influences. Appropriate measures, such as coating that protects against UV radiation and rain, snow, etc., will ensure long-term operation.

5. Integration with infrastructure

The sign should be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure on the streets or in offices. About the use of signs in hotels we wrote in this article “ADA signs in hotels: What should I consider?”. Providing easy access and placement of signs is key to creating a complete environment for everyone.

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Creating Braille signs, which   are as compatible as possible, requires taking into account various aspects, ranging from the choice of materials to integration with the existing infrastructure. Only through this integrated approach can we ensure full access to information for everyone, regardless of their physical abilities.

How to order signs for business

If you are planning to order office signs with Braille for your business, we advise you to entrust this to our company. The BSIGN team can produce signs and numbers for you that will perfectly fit into the corporate identity and interior. 

In addition, we produce customized signs and numbers. You can choose the design, size, wood color, and so on. To get as much information as possible, fill in the formOur manager will contact you and give you a free consultation on our services, as well as answer all your questions.

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