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What should be the interior and design of a successful SPA?

We are used to the fact that synonyms of the term SPA are the words relaxation, rest, wellness. This is why people go to the institutions of the wellness sphere, which provide such services. 

For a SPA complex to be truly successful, its interior and design must meet certain requirements, and there are no small things here. 

Next, we will give you interior design tips which should be taken into account when creating not only the project of a new institution for recreation, but also for updating the existing one

The first thing to take into account is that the overall style of the room corresponds to preferences of the target audience that will visit the SPA.

Usually, such an institution is expected to provide a large amount of water, natural materials, and live plants. 

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At the same time interior design should be balanced and look so that the guests' eyes rest. 

However, if you know that future visitors, for example, like bright colors, then you can use them as accents even in the treatment rooms, without overloading the general background.

If this complex will be part of an existing business, for example, a hotel or entertainment complex, then visually the premises should have something in common. 

For example, the company's logo in all premises. It can be unobtrusively added to towels, equipment, navigation signs, etc.

How to design a SPA

After the general concept and future interior design are selected, you should proceed to the stage of planning repair and construction works, taking into account:

  • areas and services provided in the SPA;
  • technical features of the room (location of pipes, wiring, etc.).

Only after that, you can start working on a plan for placing furniture, appliances, equipment, decor, etc.

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Materials and colors that will definitely be appropriate in the interior of the SPA

Below are the basic interior design tips which will be useful for any SPA.


Given that the SPA almost always has high humidity during operation, and in certain rooms it is also high temperature — you should choose materials that tolerate the influence of such factors well, without losing their appearance. 

Among them in SPA interior design most often, the following are used:

  • artificial and natural marble;
  • stones;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • wood and bamboo;
  • organic and acrylic glass;
  • steel, chrome-plated metals.


As for the colors, the background colors in SPA interior it is better to choose a neutral palette, so to speak, shades of the background:

  • beige or gray-beige;
  • light and dark gray;
  • milky and latte shade;
  • ivory color;
  • taupe;
  • marengo;
  • gray-purple and magenta-gray;
  • olive.

We have already mentioned above that you can also use bright shades, but dosed and so that they are organically combined with the main colors. The following accents will look good in the SPA interior:

  • cobalt blue;
  • shining green;
  • raspberry;
  • mint;
  • sunny yellow.

We wrote more about colors and textures in the interior in a separate article. The tips given in it will also help you create a luxurious and modern SPA design. 

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Depending on the style that will prevail in the room, the combination of colors and materials may vary. For example, ethnic style provides more wood, stone, and shades of brown. 

And the interior SPA design in high-tech style, will be distinguished by the presence of a large amount of glass, shiny surfaces, and so on.

About the importance of navigation

Among the main components of a SPA salon or complex is a sense of comfort. To ensure it, you need to think through absolutely everything, including navigation.

A person should easily understand where they are now and where to go in order to get to the right zone or treatment room. This is especially important in large complexes.

So, almost always guests are accompanied to the treatment rooms by the staff, but you should also take care of the navigation system, which will work without the participation of employees.

If the SPA is part of, for example, a business hotel, then you must indicate it on the large navigation sign that is usually available at the reception.

And also, on each floor of the building where the SPA is located, signs with directions to the recreation area will not interfere.

In the SPA itself, there also must be:

  • general navigation sign;
  • floor numbers;
  • interior door signs with room names;
  • elevator signs;
  • safety signs (fire extinguisher, emergency exit, etc.).

It will be good if all navigation elements have ADA signs on them. In this manner the owner will show his humanity and care.

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For inspiration: about the interiors of world-famous SPAs

Of course, every owner of wellness-business, creating project design, wants to do something unique and inimitable, but it is also very important to see how it can be done. Therefore, below we will tell you about some interesting solutions in SPA interior which can lead you to search for non-trivial space stylizations and create creative design ideas for SPA.

Bamford Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Maldives

Calm colors dominate in this complex: brown, beige, terracotta, ivory. 

In the treatment rooms of SPA-hotel there is a lot of wood, bamboo, and there is also a place for marble and glass. The overall feeling that the local atmosphere creates can be called complete unity with nature.

Naman Retreat Pure Spa, Da Nang, Vietnam

The first thing that guests pay attention to is the unusual facade. It is, in fact, a grid that lets in air, but slows down tropical winds and very bright local sun. 

As for the colors in the interior, beige, shades of gray and brown predominate. And live plants seem to grow right out of stone, which creates a fantastic feeling of being in a futuristic jungle.

Ruff Well Water Resort, Sichuan, China

Design of the SPA complex organically combines glass, marble and wood. Inside, you get the feeling of being on the banks of real rivers and waterfalls, this is facilitated by stones and tree stumps near swimming pools. 

In the interior you can see mostly light colors: mocha, beige, a few shades of blue and pink.

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