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What types of signs are needed for business?

Sooner or later, entrepreneurs need to update or purchase indoor signage. This element provides the need to transmit short messages and ensure security. Business signs also complement the interior and can even attract potential customers.

But which signs to choose? How can you not forget the important ones? What factors to consider when choosing? Bsign experts have created a checklist for you to help with these questions. This way you can quickly identify your needs, the store's range, and choose the best options.

Different types of business signs

A practical guide for selecting interior signage for businesses

We have prepared a complete list of questions that you should answer to ensure you don't forget the important signs:

1. What is your company's field of activity?

Although the basic set of necessary signs may be universal for different areas, there are still special needs of different types of signs. 

Wayfinding signage

So, for hotel owners, room numbering plays a significant role, as well as putting the appropriate numbers on the keys, marking the reception and other critical areas to guide customers. In addition, you need to provide signs «‎Do Not Disturb‎», which visitors can hang on the doors of rooms.

To equip an office, door numbers may not be enough. It is better to choose signs with the names of departments, employees, and positions. It is also essential to designate the following areas: conference rooms and meeting rooms, message centers, kitchens for employees, and so on.

In shopping malls and retail stores, you need to mark cash registers, warehouses, and employee rooms. 

We have listed the 3 most common areas of use for signs, but other businesses have their own needs. The wide range of Bsign products will allow you to find exactly what you need.

2. What premises are available in the business building? 

Create a list of all rooms. This way, you won't forget to mark an important room. Both your employees and customers will be able to navigate the building easily and without problems. 

The signs that most businesses need:

  • Informational signs.
  • Wayfinding signage to direct customers.
  • Restroom signs.
  • Door number signs.
  • Signs for cleaning rooms.
  • «‎Staff only‎» signs.
  • Lobby signs.
  • Fire Information signs.

And for each field of activity, there are different needs for the designation of premises. As we have already said, in the offices, rooms and meeting rooms should be marked. And for food establishments, it is important to designate the kitchen and administration room, warehouses.

3. How many floors are there in the building?

If your business is not located on the ground floor or occupies several floors, then the client should easily find you. Hang directional signage at the entrance to the building, near elevators and stairs. This will improve the user experience with your company. 

4. What is your interior style?

Regardless of your answer, Bsign offers a solution for any interior design. A wide selection of materials and styles makes our signs versatile. You can choose classic, modern, minimalism, elegance or naturalness. Our range includes 14 designs for every taste. In addition, you can leave a request for the development of signs of a special size, color, or add your own logo. Therefore, you can successfully emphasize the style and character of your business thanks to high-quality signs. 

5. What are the company's corporate colors?

Retail business signage

It is also possible to display corporate identity elements in every business sign to attract customers. This will show your clients an individual approach and attention to detail. As you may have guessed, in Bsign, you can choose not only the design but also the color. Most of our products can be customized to suit your business by choosing the right colors. We can also add a logo or business name to the sign.

Read our article about «The role of interior signs in forming the client's first impression»‎.

6. What rules are set for users?

Prohibition signs are no less necessary elements of the interior. They allow you to convey information and the rules of behavior during your stay in the business premises. Think about what actions you should avoid to protect your customers, company employees, and property. This may include restricting access to certain rooms, banning smoking, asking you not to take animals, food and drinks with you, not to take photos, and so on. 

Don't forget about safety signage and directional signage

As a separate item, we want to highlight eye catching safety signs that can warn about threats and protect you from accidents. Some of the most common safety signs are the indication of a fire extinguisher, fire hydrant, and escape routes. Directional signs are necessary to allow customers to find a way out, react quickly, and escape during a fire. To make the signs easier to see, you can equip it with LED lighting or choose bright colors for the markings.

Safety sign

What should you pay attention to when choosing business signs?

Check out these Top 5 factors to help you choose the best business signage for your business:

Quality of materials 

Check what the signs are made of so that they serve for a long time and are worthily combined with your interior. Choosing high-quality signs is cost-effective for your business. Low cost signs will be favorable only in the short term and will not serve you for a long time.

In the production of Bsign signs, we use only first-class materials to ensure that our customers receive the best.

Installation method

To avoid damaging the walls, we suggest choosing signs that are fixed on double-sided tape.

Size of business sign

Signs, and most importantly the dimensional letters and symbols on them, should be visible to users. Therefore, choose the optimal size that will improve your navigation around the building. At Bsign, we offer 3 different sign sizes, so you can definitely find the right one.


Choose all the office signs for the building in the same style at once. This will help preserve the integrity of the interior and attract attention of customers.

Compliance with ADA requirements

Take care of customers with disabilities, provide them with access to information on signs with tactile symbols and the convenience of staying in the building. To do this, select characters in Bsign. 


We hope that this checklist will make it easier for you to select business signs. If you still have any questions, please contact Bsign Store specialists for advice. We will be happy to help you and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

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