Custom keychains

Why do you need keychain numbers and what business needs them?

Sometimes businesses don't consider the importance of such small details as keychains. Companies often attach their own keychain made by hand and make inscriptions on the keys to avoid confusion. But it does look cheap, giving the impression of a careless attitude and unprofessional approach.

High-quality custom keychains with numbers are an investment in building customer loyalty. And for the work of the team, this will also help to maintain order. We will tell you more about the role and benefits of these signs in this article, so read on.

What are number keychains?

Custom keychains

In everyday life, you've often seen numbered keychains owned by people and businesses that have a lot of them. For example, at concierges and administrators or responsible office workers. Of course, you will not be able to remember the purpose of each of dozens of keys. For this purpose, there are special keychains.

Consequently, number keychains are small metal or plastic elements with a corresponding room number. This keychain, like most others, is attached to the key using a metal ring. In general, these are tools for organizing keys to all doors of a building.

Why are number keychains needed?

The main function of number keychains is to identify the purpose of each key. And from this, the company can get several important advantages:

  1. Organization and systematization.

Сustom keychains can be used to organize the keys by the premises. This helps to create a system that makes it easier to work with keys and ensures that they are found quickly.

 In combination with door numbers, keychains build a holistic system, making it easier for employees and visitors to navigate. And the more productive the employees are, the more the company's sales and profit margins will increase.

  1. Safety.

When you own a keychain with a number plate, you can keep track of your keys and control their location. For example, if an employee took the key to the office meeting room, he can be determined responsible for the storage and timely return of this key. This way you can prevent the loss of keys or unauthorized access to objects.

  1. Ensuring confidentiality.

Using custom keychains with numbers provides privacy where it's needed. Instead of identification data or usernames, a simple number can be used that does not disclose information about the premises and its purpose.

What kind of business needs number keychains?

A personalized keychain with a number for a key is a versatile thing. Hotels are, of course, the first businesses that come to mind. This is because the keys are used not only by employees, but also directly by customers. But in fact, number keychains are needed in various industries and areas of activity, such as:

  • schools;
  • apartments;
  • medical institutions;
  • banks;
  • catering establishments;
  • warehouses;
  • gyms;
  • shopping malls;
  • supermarkets;
  • car services;
  • and generally different lines of business.

Number keychains are a versatile solution for organizing keys and identifying any premises or even cabinets or cubicles for every successful business.

Why should you choose custom keychains at Bsign?

We partially mentioned the topic of signage quality at the beginning of the article, and now we will explain why it is so important.

Since all companies that have premises need keychains, you need to choose them anyway. And every detail, even as small as a number plate for a key, can affect the perception and image of your company.

You can choose a cheap plastic keychain associated with low-quality service and indifference to details. With each day of use, these keychains will look even worse due to scratches and scuffs. They are also easily broken, and due to the low weight of the keychain, you may not notice how the key fell out of your pocket and got lost.

But when selecting a high-quality and attractive keychain, the company immediately positions itself as a professional market player. This element can improve the perception of the business, form the image and gain customer loyalty.

At Bsign website, you will find custom keychains that have a winning look and will serve your own business for a long time. We create handmade acrylic and metal signs to highlight the style and status of your company. In addition, we guarantee quality that has been proven by many customers and years of experience.

The round shape of the keychains is convenient to use. And a diameter of 8 centimeters is optimal so that the key takes up little space, but at the same time remains noticeable.

Keychain with number for business


In business, there are no insignificant details, everything has an impact on the success of the company. Therefore, when choosing custom keychains with numbers for the key, trust the professionals. At Bsign you will find high-quality and stylish signs for both keys and the entire interior. Contact us for a free consultation, we will help you with the choice and answer all your questions.

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