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How to care for signs made of different materials?

The quality of interior signs plays a crucial role in their durability. But it is equally important to take care of them properly, to preserve long-term use, rather than spoil them. In this article, we will talk about common mistakes and rules for caring for various sign materials.

Why do signs need care?

Both your business office furniture and signs need a little attention. This is necessary to retain their sleek appearance and functionality for as long as possible. Careful attitude and the right approach to regular cleaning is what preserves the attractive appearance of signs and positively affects the perception of customers. Sign maintenance is also a budget-friendly option for your business.

How to care for different signage materials?

Each material has its own requirements for the cleaning and maintenance process. Those methods that are a great option for some signs can ruin others. Therefore, we have prepared for you important information about what you can and cannot do when caring for various signs.

Wood signs

Regularly clean the wooden signs of dust and dirt with a damp cloth or use a soft brush to clean the dust. Please note that you need to remove stains from this material as quickly as possible to avoid their penetration into the wood.

Special products, in particular wax-based ones, help create a protective barrier that will repel dirt and facilitate the cleaning process. Signs of wood designed for the interior should not be put up for outdoor use. This is because they are not weather resistant and will not withstand environmental conditions and extreme temperatures. Remember to protect signs from UV rays.

Wood signs


To prevent metal signs from being scratched, you need to carefully select cleaning products. Do not use too aggressive chemical elements or products with abrasive particles. For aluminum signs it is best to use lightly soapy water and then wipe with a damp, soft cloth.

Be sure to use a clean and soft cloth so that no minor damage appears on the sign. And to avoid streaks on the surface, apply a minimum of solution. If dust has simply accumulated on the aluminum sign, then just remove it with a special brush.

Glass and acrylic

Acrylic signage

In addition to dust, fingerprints can appear on glass and acrylic surfaces, which give a dull appearance. Therefore, besides shaking off the dust, you can use special detergents. They must not contain abrasive particles or strong chemicals, as the signs should not be scratched and the surface should remain shiny.


Like acrylic and glass, the plastic surface is easy to scratch, after that it will have a duller appearance. To prevent this from happening, use soft sponges, cloths, or brushes. Chemical products can also cause plastic to lose color, so try to avoid them. Protect plastic signs and other materials from direct sunlight to prevent color fading. After all, interior signs usually do not have UV resistance.

Surfaces with ledges

Signs with Braille or combinations of several materials have ledges. To prevent such signs from collecting dust and getting dirty, they should be cleaned more thoroughly. Cleaning agents will depend on the sign material used in the product. Sliding elements of the sign should be removed during mopping for perfect cleaning.

Durable custom signage

What should not be done with different materials?

The main rule of caring for signs is to take care of them in such a way as to improve their appearance, and get an extended period of use. You have familiarized yourself with the correct methods of care, so now let's look at how not to do it:

  • Do not create harsh conditions by rubbing the signs with rough or dry cloths, as this can damage signage and ruin the appearance.
  • Do not water the wood to avoid mold and deformation of the sign.
  • Do not press the signs or scratch them with sharp objects to avoid accidental destruction.
  • Aggressive bleaches, abrasives, chemical cleaners, and hot water can damage your sign, resulting in an unprofessional appearance.
  • Do not use too much cleaning agent, so as not to leave streaks on the signs.
  • Do not install interior signs for outdoor applications, they do not have weather resistance.

Now you know all the important rules for caring for the most common surfaces. This will help you make a pleasant impression on your visitors and save on frequently updating interior signs.

What is the most durable material?

Metal is considered the most durable material. However, signs made of wood are not far behind. Lightweight signs made of acrylic and thin or corrugated plastic may not withstand strikes and careless handling. Because with proper care, interior signs can serve for a very long time. Unlike outdoor signage, indoor signs are not exposed to harsh outdoor conditions and UV light.

There is no universally appropriate material, because at Bsign they are all made with high quality and will be durable.

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By choosing high-quality and long lasting signage in Bsign Store and paying regular maintenance, you can guarantee a long service life and a great appearance of the signs. If you still have any questions or need help with choosing the right material we will help you to make an informed decision. Please contact us for a free consultation. And if you have unique needs, we have plenty of customization options for you to provide suitable solution.

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