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Overview of the new signs design «Authentic» from Bsign

At Bsign, we are constantly broadening our product range. We do our best for you, that's why we would like to present the new design. «Authentic» is a blend of style and quality created to complete buildings of businesses. We recently described our new «Genova» signs. In this article, we'll tell you all about the specifics of the new individual signs.

Visual characteristics of «Authentic» signs: sign making materials and components

numbers signs

The new design of the stylish signs is made of two high quality materials: metal and wood. Such a solution unifies modern style and natural coziness. The shape of the sign can be characterized as a cut square and a rectangle, depending on the appearance. There are slots on the metal part that make the sign exceptional and one-of-a-kind. And wooden elements are unique in being available in various exquisite colors, which we will tell further in more detail. 

«Authentic» sign colors

wood signs

We deliberately offer a variety of options for you to pick a suitable sign for the color scheme of your home, hotel or office. There are available darker colors such as Dark Wenge and Anthracite Gray. They can be applied for any interior, because they are regarded as versatile. And there are also brighter shades of brown, three of them: Walnut, Redwood and Indian Rosewood. 

You can customize these interior accessories even more by making a custom order with a different color you prefer. Also, personalize the signs for your company and promote your brand by ordering an engraved logo.

Sizes of signs 

custom signs
custom signs

There are two types of ​​«Authentic​​​»​ door signs. First, in the form of a square, is used for numbering and naming the premises. And the shape of the rectangle is designed to indicate the names and positions of business employees.

Both have two sizes available.

Parameters of square office door signs with images:

  • 7.8" / 200 mm x 7.8" / 200 mm
  • 6.6" / 170 mm x 6.6" / 170 mm

Parameters of square signs with numbers:

  • 5.1" x 4.8" / 130mm x 123mm
  • 6.2" x 5.9" / 160mm x 150mm

Parameters of rectangular signs:

  • 5.9" / 150 mm x 9" / 230 mm
  • 4.8" / 123 mm x 7" / 180 mm

So we can create individual signs that will be perfectly visible on the doors or walls of the building.

Manual part of work on custom sign design «Authentic»

Part of the work on the sign is taken over by our high-quality equipment. That way, metal parts are carved by a laser machine that ensures impeccable precision. And the lettering on the sign is applied with a special printer.

At the same time, a big part of the work is done manually. Each wooden part is polished and painted by the Bsign employee with his own hands, and then a matte layer is applied.

And before shipping the sign, we cut out individual foam molds for each product to guarantee damage-free transportation.


We put Braille on our professional signs to make your business ADA compliant. The points of the font on the signs are embossed and clearly tangible, as required by the norms. With custom ADA signs, visitors with visual impairments will be able to navigate around the building better and recognize the information posted on the signs. 

ada braille signs

Order custom signs online

Bsign Store never stands still, as it is committed to implementing every request of different customers into reality. This is not the last novelty, so we will soon present other products to your attention. Don't miss out! 

Check out our other door sign designs to find a match.

And if you are ready to order a customized business sign design «Authentic», we welcome you to a helpful free consultation and calculation of the price of your Custom order.

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