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Trending materials in interior design

If this is the moment when you want to update the existing interior or create a new one, we recommend that you read the information about trending materials. 

This knowledge will help you create a stylish space that will be really pleasant and comfortable to be in.

Marble in modern interior style: advantages, features, styling options

Marble is traditionally considered an attribute of luxury rooms. This is not surprising, because this material is not cheap, but it looks really solid. 

At the same time, you need to understand that marble in the room interior can easily play the role of a background without drawing too much attention to itself.

Advantages of marble

Among them are the following.

  • Durability. Marble can easily withstand significant loads, and also does not change under the influence of heat, cold, water, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to use it for finishing not only residential, but also commercial premises.
  • Good sound insulation. If, for example, you make a wall decor out of marble, then even a strong noise from the street will not be heard inside the room.
  • Environmental friendliness. This material is natural and absolutely safe for people and the environment.

Marble in the interior

Marble as current trend in room interior design can be used for the following goals:

  • finishing of walls and floors (by the way, heating systems can be installed under marble);
  • create countertops, stairs, fireplaces, shelves, and more.
Trending materials in interior design

      Despite the fact that marble is, so to speak, self-sufficient, it can be stylized and made even more attractive.

      • Combining different marble colors within the same room. For example, a floor or wall can be decorated with materials of contrasting colors, now there are technical possibilities to cut the material at almost any angle. This approach will allow you to have a real marble art object.
      • Create harmony with additional materials, textures, and colors. For example, you can place a golden vase or a silver candle holder on a black marble countertop. Leather, wood and glass also look very beautiful against the background of marble walls.

      If we talk about interior signs and numbers, then the following designs are suitable for marble walls:

    • Jure. These signs are stylish, minimalistic and sophisticated. And the combination of wood and metal really looks good against the background of marble.
    • Modern. These products are a discreet and organic combination of metal and black and white acrylic glass. They are well suited for placing next to marble of any color.

    • Trending materials in interior design

      Artificial stone and its use in interior of rooms

      Basalt, sandstone, granite or travertine — all these and many other types of natural minerals perfectly imitate artificial stone based on acrylic or quartz. 

      And among the latest interior design trends there are really creative artificial materials, such as fordite (or Detroit agate), which is actually nothing more than solid car paint that is between 50 and 70 years old.

      So, pay attention to artificial materials. Often, they are not only spectacular in appearance, but also practical. 

      Advantages of such material 

      These include:

      • relatively lightweight;
      • variety of textures and colors;
      • reasonable prices.

      How to integrate artificial materials into modern interiors of different styles

      Artificial stone can be used in design for any purpose: from decoration (for example, lighting devices) to creating furniture.

      We usually recommend combining signs with this material in Thin design. They are fragile, unobtrusive and will allow you to emphasize the beauty of the stone.

      In some cases, Sherwood design is a good solution. These signs, made of wood and acrylic glass, look stylish and relaxed. Against the background of matte stone walls, the gloss of acrylic becomes a contrasting element.

      Trending materials in interior design

      Decorative brick as interior design trend

      Brick has long found its place in the interior decoration of premises. Usually brick walls are considered almost a business card of such a style in the interior as loft. 

      But now more and more often you can notice this material in other styles of interior design, for example, ethno, country, eclecticism, minimalism and so on. 

      That is, brick is among the main and most popular interior design trends.

      Advantages of decorative bricks

      Among them are the following:

      • easy installation and the ability to easily hide certain surface defects;
      • light weight;
      • eco-friendly;
      • durability.

      How to style a brick in the interior

      This can be done as follows:

      • leave the brick in its original form, except that after treating it with a special varnish, plants will look good against this background.;
      • apply plaster on it, but as carelessly as possible, this effect is well suited for decorating an accent wall or corners;
      • combine different bricks and different layout options, for example, the main part of the wall can be covered with light bricks, and a niche, shelf or ledge with dark.

      On brick walls, signs will look good, the main part of which is made of steel. The contrast of the surfaces creates interesting, stylish and always relevant combination.

      Trending materials in interior design

      Bamboo and the nuances of its integration into the interior design

      The trend for environmental friendliness in 2023 is spread everywhere, both in advertising materials and in interior design. 

      One of the materials that will complement eco-spaces well is bamboo. It is also among interior design trends of 2023.

      Advantages of this material

      • variety of colors and textures;
      • easy processing and the ability to give it the desired shape;
      • good sound insulation;
      • light weight.

      How to use bamboo in the interior

      Many people believe that bamboo is suitable only for ethnic interiors, but in fact this is not the case. 

      It can be successfully integrated into any space, at least in the form of modern home decor: photo or picture frames, countertops, dividers, etc.

      In some rooms, both bamboo wallpaper and the floor or furniture become an accent.

      Adding bamboo to the interior is really not difficult at all, because it goes well with different materials, colors and textures.

      Trending materials in interior design 

      The main thing is to adhere to the optimal ratio of components in the design.

      If you already have bamboo elements in the room and are thinking about what signs or numbers will suit them, we recommend that you pay attention to the Classic design. 

      Transparent acrylic glass, from which these products are made, is now in trend, and it will not attract attention to itself. Therefore, the interior will not be overloaded. At the same time, you will convey the necessary information.

      By the way, earlier we talked about the features of interior design trends in 2023

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